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Dry Needling

Dry Needling therapy

Offering a wide range of soft tissue therapies to help our patients achieve their ultimate wellness goals is part of what makes us different at Love Chiropractic Center. Our expert chiropractors tailor care to your specific needs and may recommend one or more therapeutic modalities to enhance your overall healing.

We offer the same services and same outstanding care at each of our locations—Concord, Harrisburg and Salisbury. Your chiropractor may recommend dry needling in addition to your adjustments as part of your overall care plan.

What to Expect

You’ll receive your therapy in a private room, where we will place acupuncture needles in the skin over your area of pain or dysfunction. These needles are as fine as a human hair and are not the same as needles used for injections or to draw blood—placing them usually doesn’t cause any pain. You may feel an ache or discomfort during the therapy as the trigger points are releasing. Your chiropractor will explain the process and put your mind at ease if you have any concerns about the needles.

This therapy takes about 10 minutes, and will usually take place after your adjustment. You’ll usually be in and out of our office in 30 minutes so you can get back to your daily activities. Insurance does not cover dry needling.

Dry needling uses the same needles as acupuncture, but rather than using them at acupuncture points to balance the flow of “chi” along energy meridians of the body, they are placed at specific areas around painful joints or muscles. The needles help the body heal itself by releasing trigger points in the fascia (the covering of the muscles) that contribute to pain and dysfunction.

Your chiropractor may recommend dry needling as part of your complete care plan. It’s especially effective for issues like tendinitis, bursitis, spasms, and some chronic conditions that haven’t responded to other types of therapy.

Patients generally begin to feel relief within 24 hours, and significant improvement may occur within a few sessions.

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