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Ultrasound therapyAt Love Chiropractic Center, we pride ourselves on offering our patients a wide range of healing therapies to help them achieve the highest level of health and wellness possible. Whether you are looking for pain relief, corrective care or long-term wellness, our goal is to help you get the most out of life.

Addressing the soft-tissue component of injuries or other conditions can help provide a more comprehensive approach to healing. We offer ultrasound therapy at all of our locations—Concord, Harrisburg and Salisbury.

What It Does

Ultrasound, as its name implies, uses sound waves at a particular frequency to deeply penetrate into the tissues of the body below the skin. These waves produce heat in the tissues that stimulates improved circulation to the area, helping to push out inflammation and bring in nutrients needed for healing and relieving pain.

Who It’s For

Your chiropractor may recommend ultrasound as part of your customized chiropractic care plan.

This therapy is particularly effective in addressing issues such as edema, swelling and muscle spasms. We may suggest it for conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, golfer’s/tennis elbow, shoulder pain, knee pain, tendinitis and ligament injuries.

Most patients report relief of their symptoms within 2-3 visits.

What to Expect

We’ll do your ultrasound at the same visit as your chiropractic adjustment. After you sign in, we’ll escort you to a private therapy room. The assistant will apply a gel to the affected area (the gel helps conduct the soundwaves through the skin), then set up the ultrasound machine to stimulate the muscles. A hand-held device is then rolled over and around the area for about 4 minutes.

You’ll feel some warmth in the area we’re working on, but this therapy is completely painless and safe. It’s also typically covered by insurance. We value your time, so your entire visit, including chiropractic adjustments, will be 30 minutes or less. Since the ultrasound probe comes in direct contact with your skin, it’s helpful if you wear clothing that offers easy access to the affected area.

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