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Pregnancy Chiropractic

Pregnant woman and partner placing their hands on her belly in the shape of a heart

Extensive research shows that chiropractic care during pregnancy is safe and effective, for both Mom and Baby. Women who receive regular chiropractic adjustments throughout pregnancy enjoy easier, faster deliveries with fewer interventions than women who don’t get adjusted. The easier the delivery is for the mom, the less stress it places on the baby as well.

At Love Chiropractic Center, we have over 30 years’ experience providing gentle chiropractic care for moms-to-be, and many women are referred to us by local obstetricians.

Restoring Balance and Mobility

We use the Love Technique, which is a gentle, low-force technique to help keep your body properly balanced and moving. This is especially important as your center of gravity shifts, putting additional stress on the low back and pelvis. When we keep the joints moving as they should, your body can be in the best physical condition to achieve the easiest birth process.

By keeping your joints aligned and moving, you can experience less pain—and when you’re more comfortable, your baby is more comfortable and at ease, meaning they may be more able to get into the appropriate position for birthing. In addition, any stress or discomfort you are feeling is passed on to your baby, so reducing your discomfort may have health benefits for both of you.

Girl listening to her mother's pregnant bellyGentle Care

Our regular adjustments are very gentle, and our pregnancy adjustments are even more gentle! We like to begin care as soon as you know you’re pregnant and see you as needed to keep your joints moving. As you get closer to your delivery date, we’ll want to see you about once a week to keep your body in the best alignment possible to allow for an easy, smooth birth.

Your chiropractor may recommend other healing therapies such as ultrasound, myofascial release or laser therapy in addition to chiropractic adjustments, depending upon your specific situation.

We value your time, so we strive to get you in and out of our office in thirty minutes or less.

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