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Rehab Exercises

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At Love Chiropractic Center, we want you to get the most out of our comprehensive approach to care. This includes offering a variety of services that augment your chiropractic adjustments and help you attain your highest levels of health and function.

Whether you are a patient at our Concord, Harrisburg or Salisbury location, we will incorporate rehab exercises as part of your customized care plan.

What to Expect

We take a low-tech approach to rehab because we want everyone to be able to do the exercises anywhere—at home, at work and in our office—with no special equipment and no apps. We will teach you the exercises at your first visit and repeat them with you at your second visit to ensure you know how to do them correctly.

Your chiropractor will answer any questions you may have about the purpose of the exercises and stretches we recommend, as well as about how to do the movements safely and effectively.

You’ll be able to do the exercises at home or wherever it’s convenient for you. You’ll also come in and do your exercises in our office prior to your adjustments. We’ll supervise you to ensure you’re doing them correctly and keep you on track so you don’t fall into bad movement patterns when you’re performing the stretches at home.

The exercises take just a few minutes, and you’ll do them before receiving your adjustment and any other therapies, and we’ll typically have you in and out within 30 minutes.

Specific exercises and stretches help to loosen tight muscles in the body, which can help your joints hold their adjustments longer. They also limber up your cervical spine and restore motion to your shoulders prior to an adjustment, allowing the adjustment to work more easily and with less force.

This service is included in every care plan at no additional fee. No matter what condition brings you into our office, our rehab exercises can help you move better and with less pain.

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